Cord cutting resources

One of the things that makes cord cutting so great is that it can be about as complicated or as simple as you’d like. If you’re just looking to save a little cash, you can cancel cable, put up an antenna, subscribe to one OTT service, and dust off your hands. Done! The cord cutting resources below can help.

If you’re a bit more manic about your entertainment options, you can go down the rabbit hole: trying so many OTT services that you have trouble remembering when all your free trials expire, tweaking a media server to make your local collection available anywhere, setting up an OTA DVR, and so on. Don’t fear, we have some places to get even more help and information.

Here’s a full list of our favorite cord cutting resources.

The web’s most respected resource for cord cutting news, tips, how-tos, and reviews. focuses more on hobbyists and experienced cord cutters, and also has time-sensitive news stories, op-eds, and more.
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Reddit’s /r/CordCutters is a discussion board full of helpful and passionate cord cutters. You’ll find interesting news with a cord cutting bent being posted and discussed here. This is also a great place to turn for advice.
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/r/Over the air cord cutting resources

Reddit’s /r/OTA is your source for antenna-related questions. Run your AntennaWeb report by them and ask for purchase advice!
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If you’re an Amazon Fire TV fan looking for an Amazon-specific news source, AFTVnews is the place to go.
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The Cordkillers podcast is dedicated to helping you “watch what you want when you want, on whatever damn device you choose.” Tom Merritt and Brian Brushwood are a riot, and their guests are always informative. You’ll find the podcast on YouTube and on
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Believe it or not, getting rid of cable can be easy and it doesn’t require any advanced technical skills. Mr. Cable Cutter has been featured on Yahoo, MSN, USA Today, TechCrunch, Engadget, Fortune and more.
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Cord Cutting Report: Where RETAIL meets POLITICS

Covering cord cutting news, live streaming TV, and cable alternatives. Our reviews on Roku, Fire TV & more will help you decide what to get.
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A cord cutter’s best friend.

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